The most reliable and productive unmanned aerial vehicles

  • FragaX offers fixed-wing drones with MTOW from 2kg up to 120kg
  • Their wingspan ranges from 2m up to 9m
  • All hardware and software is developed and fully tested in-house
  • All aspects of the fragaX systems are fully customizable
  • All UAVs can be used out-of-the-box with minimal training and configuration
  • Engineering services from UAV concept to series manufacturing

D3 electric UAV with 3m wingspan

D3 is a turnkey unmanned aerial system (UAS) consisting of electric glider, integrated autopilot, and ground control software.

up to 3h flight time  with 10Ah LiPo battery

D3 takes advantage of local thermals and hold its altitude without its electric motor.

D7 GASOLINE UAV with up to 30h endurance and 200km/h top speed

High-endurance fixed-wing drone system with gasoline engine.

D7 is a modular and versatile airframe

Two propulsion options and 60kg MTOW with 40kg for payload and fuel.



  • Concept Development
  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • 3D Modelling and CAD/CAM


  • Autopilot Integration and Customization
  • Ground Control Software Customization
  • 3d Party Payload Integration

Training & Consulting

  • Training of UAV operators
  • Consulting at client’s site
  • Know-how & technology transfer



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