D5: the most versatile fixed-wing UAV in the sub 25kg class

D5 is developed to fit in the 25kg MTOW class that is planned in the EU and US legislation. It is designed as a modular and versatile fixed-wing airframe that fits different propulsion and wingspan options similar to our “working ox” D7.

 For example, with the 55ccm 2-stroke gasoline engine and 2.8m wingspan a maximum speed of 200km/h and 10h endurance can be achieved. With the 65ccm 4-stroke engine and 4.3m wingspan the endurance is increased up to 30h due to reduced fuel consumption. This is also possible because 17kg of the maximum total takeoff weight (MTOW) are reserved for fuel and payload.

Yet another option is an electrical BLDC propulsion similar to our electrical glider D3. In other words, the D5 is a true workhorse that can be configured according to the client’s application making it the most versatile fixed-wing UAV in the sub 25kg class.


D5 is designed to fit a gimbal with a diameter of 200mm. Thus, it can be equipped with numerous EO and IR cameras. D5 is particularly well suited for the following applications:

  • Aerial firefighting
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Monitoring of industrial equipment and infrastructure
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

Specification Overview

Wingspan 2.8m .. 4.3m 9.2ft .. 14.1ft
Length 1.72m 5.6ft
MTOW 25kg 55lb
Payload & Fuel 17kg 37.5lb
Endurance 10h .. 20h
Propeller 13″x10″
Cruise speed 120km/h 65kn
Maximum speed 200km/h 108kn
Minimum speed 60km/h 32kn
Operational range 600km 324NM
  • 5hp gasoline 55ccm 2-stroke
  • 5hp gasoline 65ccm 4-stroke
  • 4kW BLDC

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