D7: fixed-wing UAV with up to 30h endurance and 200km/h top speed

D7 is high-endurance fixed-wing drone system with internal combustion engine, flight time up to 30h and top speed up to 200km/h. If the D5 is our workhorse then the D7 is our working ox: 40kg of its 60kg MTOW are for fuel and payload.

The D7 is designed as a modular and versatile airframe that fits different propulsion and wingspan options. For example, a maximum speed of 200km/h and 10h endurance can be achieved with the 157ccm 2-stroke gasoline engine and 5.18m wingspan.

With the 4-stroke version of the same engine the endurance can be doubled. However, this requires greater wingspan of 6.81m that ultimately reduces the maximum speed. In other words, the D7 flight characteristics are configured according to the client’s application and requirements.

Reliability and Safety

Two cylinder boxer engine

The two cylinder boxer engine is a key component in the D7 reliability and safety concept. In case of a single cylinder failure the spare cylinder will bring the UAV back home or to an emergency landing spot.

Fully redundant ignition system

The ignition system is fully redundant with two spark plugs per cylinder and two separate electronic ignitions for each cylinder. Additionally, the temperature of the cylinder heads is measured as an effective early diagnostics of possible mechanical wear and tear.

Fully redundant servo-control system and control surfaces

The servo-control system and control surfaces are fully redundant as well. The left and right control servos are connected to separate fault-tolerant CAN buses and power sources.

Design & Technology

The D7 features spacious payload bay (500mm x 400mm x 310mm) with big canopy for easy payload integration and maintenance.

Removing the engine enclosure gives full access to the motor. The opening under the removable central wing section allows easy access to the fuel, ignition and exhaust subsystems.

The D7 fuel tanks are configurable to meet the requirements of the application. They can be installed in the fuselage under the central wing section and/or inside the wings.

Specification Overview

 Wingspan 5.18m .. 6.81m 17ft .. 21.7ft
 Length 2.95m 9.68ft
 MTOW 60kg 132lb
 Payload & Fuel 40kg 88lb
 Endurance 10h .. 30h
Cruise speed 120m/h 65kn
 Maximum speed 200km/h 108kn
 Minimum speed 60km/h 32kn
 Operational range 750km 400NM
 Propulsion gasoline 150ccm 2-stroke
gasoline 150ccm 4-stroke
Maximum Power 17hp


Drawing with dimensions of UAV D7 with 5.1 meters wingspan